Monday, July 30, 2012

MAW - Minneapolis Art on Wheels

Smart Mobility - MIT

Green Wheel - Smart Mobility & Ubiquitous Computing from MIT Mobile Experience Lab on Vimeo.

Mechanical Singing Bird Song

Nightingale and Cello

"Beatrice Harrison was a leading cellist of her generation, and friend of composers such as Delius and Elgar. She had the habit of playing her cello in the wooded garden of her cottage in Oxted, Surrey, near London. One evening in 1923 she was joined by a nightingale and was so enchanted by the sound that she persuaded Lord Reith, the director of the BBC at the time, to broadcast the cello-nightingale duet on live radio. Accordingly on May 19, 1924 the first ever live outdoor broadcast was arranged.

They interrupted the Savoy Orphean Saturday evening performance to go to Ms. Harrison playing Elgar, Dvorak, and the Londonderry Air ("Danny Boy"). No birds. The finally fifteen minutes before the end of the broadcast the nightingales started chirping.

On May 19, 1942, three years into the Second World War, the BBC was back in the same garden planning to broadcast the nightingales (sans cello). But 197 bombers, Wellingtons and Lancasters, began flying overhead on their way to raids in Mannheim and the engineer realized a live broadcast of this event would break security. The recording went ahead anyway since the lines to the BBC were open and a two-sided record was made, the first side with the departing planes, the second with their return (eleven fewer).

This recording is so poignant with the sound of the bombers behind the beauty of the bird song."

You can hear some of the recordings here.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Gap Filler - Creative Responses to The Christchurch Earthquakes

This is a great example of how creativity can be a tool for community engagement and something that should be happening in lots more places and not simply as a response to a major disaster. 
It provides opportunities not only for artists but develops dialogue with the community about issues that are effecting them and can provide a forum for input into making changes. Much better than the usual dull information and forms to fill in seeking input that councils rely on, and then complain when they get a tiny response. More information about Gap Filler here.

Symbiotic Art & Science, Part 2

Symbiotic Art & Science, Part 2

Thursday, July 5, 2012

MAP: Mobile Arts Platform

MAP: Mobile Arts Platform
"The Mobile Arts Platform (MAP) is comprised of two large-scale, interactive sculptures that are activated by a mobile exhibitions program. MAP brings together Peter Foucault’s Fal-Core Van – a retrofitted 1963 Ford Falcon – and Chris Treggiari’s Mobile Art Trailer in locations throughout the Bay Area. MAP creates an autonomous exhibition space, an artistic research lab where a cross pollination of mediums and genres can occur, be accessible to the public, and create strong bonds with partner communities. MAP events include video screenings, visual art, performance art, live music, interactive artworks, and culinary art. In essence, we build a temporary, creative microcosm where community and creativity can intersect and flourish. In a world where we are becoming more insular with advanced technologies our events hope to bring residents together through positive interactions with neighbors and their neighborhood."

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Emergency Response Studio Project

Another artists project using mobile elements, this time artist Paul Villinski's Emergency Response Studio. The project developed as a response to damage to New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.