Thursday, November 22, 2012

Marble Run Panel

This is a mock up of what one of the panels will look like, with the student's designs. The idea is that the shapes will be cutout and used to form the marble run, the other piece will be used on the other side of the fence panel as a decorative element. The cutout pieces will have magnets attached and placed on a metal grill, students can then use the pieces to form their marble runs. The above images are just the early design ideas, once we have some input from the fabricators the designs will needed to be changed.

Marble Run

I have been working with the students developing a range of ideas for the fence running down the side of the school. We have decided to start with a marble run, but not any old marble run this one is inspired by the native plants, trees and animals at Otari Bush Reserve.
The plan is to test some ideas out and then get help to have the student's ideas manufactured, the marble run will need to be well made to stand up to the elements and the children.
I will post more images and designs as the project progresses, the image below is the start of the process of gathering images and simplifying them ready to see how they might work in the marble run.