Sunday, January 13, 2013

First Fence Panel

The first prototype fence panel and marble run is under construction with the help of Wellington Makerspace. We have used one of the student's drawings of a butterfly and this is being cut out and the butterfly shape pieces will form the marble run elements. These pieces will have magnets attached, so they can be placed on the perforated metal grill attached to the fence, and then the students can use them to make the marble run in any form they wish. 

This prototype will allow us to test how well it all works and if all goes well, and we get some more funding, we can start on some of the other panels. 

As well as the marble run panels on the fence, students and I have developed a range of ideas for other areas of the fence such as a vertical garden, mini wind farm and weaving panels.

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  1. Thanks for finding my blog and leaving a linking to your own interesting one! I love the ideas for fence panels. All the best with this project.