Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Update 2

Ideas that we looked at last year for the fence included the marble run, wind and solar power, fence garden and using sound in different ways. I am making applications to various funding bodies to help support individual elements for the fence and one is to work on a section of the fence using wind power as a theme, this will fit with this years School theme of Physical Phenomenon.

Sound is another aspect we have been looking at incorporating into the fence and we have looked at some ideas such as getting bird sounds from the bush into the playground. So as part of the mapping of the school grounds we will make a sound map and soundscape recordings to see what sounds are already present and how much noise comes from traffic, planes and other stuff such as lawn mowers and of course children. 

While looking on various web sites for information and ideas about incorporating sound into the fence I came upon the work of greyworld 

"greyworld are a group of artists that create public art – usually in urban spaces. Our work is about play, and allowing creative expression in parts of the city that usually exclude it. Over the years. we have created permanent installations in many countries around the world."

Lots of exciting, innovative and creative ideas to inspire us but it was their musical fence project that initially caught my eye and catch my ear when I can find a recording of it. But look at their web site and as play is an important element in their work we can't go far wrong.

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